Thinking of reviewing your health insurance because you have just received a renewal with increased cost for less cover from your existing provider.  Call us now

We will check out your existing health insurance contract and outline to you the type of cover that is available to you and check that you are on the best plan for your circumstances. We can also ensure that you have claimed for all that you are covered for and explain the current cover you have in place.

We can then assess the other plans available on the market that may suit you better. We can go through the type of cover you want and survey the market to see if there is a plan with better cover for you , and check if you can get it for a better price.

Group Health Insurance Plans


If you receive a renewal from your existing provider and need advice in relation to your employee’s plans PLEASE call us for a free Health Review . The cost to you is NIL and you can benefit from our expertise in relation to other plans on the market that may suit you & your employee’s , while reducing your budgeted costs. We have found, consistently , that replacing existing plans, with better cover and lower cost plans ,shows your employee’s that you as an employer are looking out for their interests.

We can also introduce plans to compliment an existing Health Insurance scheme already in place and offer your employee’s real choice of provider. Allowing them to choose which plan suits them best and taking the decision out of your hands.


If you are covered by a group Health Insurance plan then chances are you will have good cover chosen for you by your employer. However we can still review your contract and ensure that the cover you have in place suits you and your circumstances at your particular lifestage. We can check your dependents cover also and ensure you are on the correct plan that suits you and not your provider. Sometimes your children may attain better cover with another provider for 1/3rd of the cost than with your current provider if they are students. Call us for a free review.

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