We did not have the time to chase around all the banks and building societies at the time we got our first mortgage but were also determined to ensure we got the best deal available. We met with Whelan Life & Pensions and they walked us through the mortgage process from start to finish. We subsequently read in the papers that the rate we were given was the best on the market. This was very reassuring and I am delighted to be able to recommend Whelan Life & Pensions to anyone that asks me.

Dublin 16

Whelan Life & Pensions called into me to try and help me with a property purchase in the UK. While they was with me I asked them to check out my Health Insurance renewal. To my horror I was being overcharged on my 2 children, we reviewed the plan and replaced it with a plan from a different provider. We saved over €1500 per annum from the advice given to us by Whelan Life & Pensions that day. We referred all our staff to them and they also all saved over 25% of their initial quoted cost. Our employees were very happy with the advice given and the savings they made, as was I.

Dublin 16 & Dublin 24

We had a large sum of money on deposit with our bank of 29 years, which we have worked all our lives for. Whelan Life & Pensions advised us of a rate they would get us over one year with another provider. The rate was over 1% higher than the rate we were currently on so I rang my Bank. Amazingly they told us they would not match the rate and told us the rate we were on was very competitive. I was reluctant to change but after a few forms were completed we had a new account and the interest we will get will be over 30% higher than what we were expecting from our own bank. I am very happy to recommend Whelan Life & Pensions to anyone who asks as competition is a great thing for me.

Dublin 16

I am the Accountant and administrator of a small to medium sized Company. We were having an awful time with our Pension provider. I called Whelan Life & Pensions and asked them if they knew any one in the Insurance Company to sort this out. They called over to my office and took the whole file away. 3 weeks later he had it all sorted and took the problem from my desk to do my Real work. Whelan Life & Pensions has done the same for me in relation to subsequent property purchases. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Naas Co Kildare & Dublin 12

I had a broker doing what I thought was a fine job. He wasn’t doing a fine job so I gave Whelan Life & Pensions a shot at my business. They came to my Office and sorted all the problems. They sold me nothing and I was curious to know how they made their wedge. They asked me just to consider them when I was looking at any future products. I said fair enough. 3 years later and we are doing Mortgages, staff pensions, Business protection; Whelan Life & Pensions get my business because they think outside the box and gives me solutions before I can think of the problem. I can recommend Whelan Life & Pensions highly to anyone.

Naas Co Kildare & Dublin 22

I am a very busy businesswoman and I needed help in relaiton to sorting my finances. I needed someone to take the issues off my desk and provide me with competitive Assurance and Pension solutions for me and my staff. I have dealt with Whelan Life & Pensions for over 10 years now and find their dependability and reassurance refreshing in a market where no one rings you back. I am happy to recomenned Whelan Life & Pensions to anyone looking for financial advice.

Dublin 6

Our company needed to reduce our costs. I rang Whelan Life & Pensions to review our complete listing of Direct Debits from our account. They wiped out over €5,000 per month from the account and has helped our Company stabilse itself in a very competitive market. I am happy to recommend Whelan Life & Pensions to anyone that asks.

Dalkey & Dublin 24

We were sold a policy at a premium by our bank at a time when we could not really afford this premium. We spoke to Whelan Life & Pensions and he explained how contracts work and attained a product that suited our financial circumstances and not there’s! They earned very little from this contract in terms of fiscal reward but he gained a client for life.

Dublin 3 Now Athlone Co Westmeath

We knew we should change our mortgage but were put off by all the form filling. WHelan Life & Pensions sorted this all out for us and apart from having to meet a solicitor once it was completely stress free. They did all the work and we are now paying €85 per month less on our mortgage.

Dublin 12