Why Whelan Mortgage Solutions

When applying for your Mortgage in Ireland – the single largest investment of your life, the decision of who to entrust with this can be daunting. Should you deal directly with an Irish lender or lenders ??? or should you use the services of Whelan Mortgage Solutions, an authorised mortgage intermediary, who work on your behalf to secure the best deal for your individual circumstances. 

Part of the Whelan Life & Pensions Group, we have been providing finance solutions and dedicated personal service to our customers since 1990. 

Experienced Professionals

At Whelan Mortgage Solutions you have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with highly trained and skilled partners and mortgage advisors. We have over 30 years experience in the mortgage advisory area. We advise you with the intention of securing your business for the long term. 

We have experienced the mortgage process for our clients over the last 18 years and we experience every pitfall on a daily basis. We try and see the problem before it arises and our experience of the processes will help make the purchase of your property less stressful. When you have a problem, you can ring us to see how someone else surpassed a problem in our experience.

Our commitment to customer service is reflected in our flexibility for meeting our clients. We are available at a time that suits you and your work pattern, which may be in the evening or at a location that suits you.

We have embraced internet technology to provide you with up to date information.

Intermediaries have a growing share in the mortgage market in Ireland

In Ireland approximately 60% of all mortgages are sourced through authorised intermediaries. 

This is set to grow to 70% within the next few years in line with trends in the United States and UK.
The need for independent advice and access to market knowledge is essential in order for you to make an informed decision on a particular mortgage product and mortgage provider.

We also provide independent advice in relation to the products that you need to have in conjunction with a mortgage such as Mortgage Protection cover and all protection products to protect you and your family. Please see our Lifecover section for further details. 

Same products same interest rates

The rate of interest you are charged is identical whether you go directly to a lender or deal through Whelan Mortgage Solutions. This is a key feature of the intermediary product and has fuelled the growth of the mortgage intermediary market.

By constantly monitoring the products on offer we can identify special products or rate offerings which in circumstances may have particular appeal to our clients.  

Lenders lending criteria differ significantly

There is significant variation in lending practices between the mortgage lenders in Ireland.

These differences range from varying loan to value ratios to wide variations in the absolute amount a lender will advance because of the use of a range of different formulae in calculating how much you can borrow.

We consistently attain different lending decisions from lenders in respect of similar applications. We compare this information to ensure that the institutions that pass your mortgage, also offer you their best product. We have found that this is not always the case when you deal directly with some institutions.

Up to date information

Through internet technology we update our rates daily from all the Irish mortgage lenders and constantly monitor the Irish mortgage market to ensure you have access to accurate and timely information. 

Saving time and money

You save time and money by letting us research the market for a product to match your needs. This is our job full time working for your benefit while you concentrate on your work and free leisure time, we are working for you to ensure the mortgage process is as hassle free as possible, for you.

We go through the options available with the objective being to provide a mortgage facility that meets your long-term requirements.

No fees

At Whelan Mortgage Solutions people recommended to us receive all our impartial expert advice free. We do however charge an application fee payable at loan offer stage.

Authorised by:

Whelan Mortgage Solutions is regulated by The Financial Regulator, as a Mortgage Intermediary and as an Authorised Advisor.

Whelan Mortgage Solutions are a member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association Brokers Ireland.

Whelan Mortgage Solutions are delighted to be members of the LIA (Life Insurance Association) Who provide the only specialized education programmes for the Financial Services Industry  

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Local Broker:

We are based in Templeogue & Tallaght Village Just off the M50). We have ample car park spaces if you need to come in and see us or if you need to drop in or sign various documents at Your convenience.

Whelan Life & Pensions has grown strongly by referrals from you our clients. If you like the way we do business, please recommend us to your clients, colleagues and friends. We realise that when you recommend us, you stake your own reputation. Therefore, we shall always follow up your referrals quickly and keep you informed. Likewise, whenever possible we aim to reciprocate and recommend clients of Whelan Life & Pensions to our various contacts.